Propax® | Gauze Swabs Type 13

  • Permeable to air and water vapor
  • For all types of wounds
  • Made from high-quality gauze

Výhody produktu

Vzduch proudící skrz bariéru.

Permeable to air and water vapor

Being air permeable allows the skin to breathe.
Human torso with shoulder and elbow highlighted by circles.

For all types of wounds

Suitable for all types of wounds and a variety of procedures. Can be used for cleaning, protecting and covering wounds, absorbing exudate and fluids, as well as for skin prep and general swabbing.

Made from high-quality gauze

Swabs have been made from high-quality gauze.

Information for use

Please make sure to always follow the instructions for use, including the safety information provided with the product. Not at hand? Find the needed safety information in this database!